Martha’s South West Regional Winner 2017


We are very proud to announce we have won the above Award!!!

 Martha’s Mild is a unique beer, a strong mild brewed at 5.3% abv.  This idea was to brew a different beer with a likely name to match my second daughter’s name “Martha”, who was born in late March 2002.  The concept was based around a mild as in the name Martha’s Mild, however, we also wanted a stronger type of mild suitable for bottled conditioned ale.

 There was a strong mild brewed by a small Black Country Brewery called Sarah Hughes which was a stunning mild at 6% abv.  I had tried it many years ago at Derby Beer Festival.  Also Heather, my work colleague, has a great love of the bottled version of Sarah Hughes Dark Red Ruby Mild, so that is what we wanted, a sweet dark ruby red mild with a ‘biscuit’ background.

 In order to do this, we needed a blend of Amber,k Chocolate and Pale Ale malts with roasted barley all produced at our historic Maltings in Newton Abbot.  Also, a mixture of English aromatic hops was required for the light and complexed bitterness for a stronger mild.

 This beer was first brewed in March 2002, Martha is now 14 years old!  It is a great accolade to win this Class at Exeter Winter Beer Festival.  Martha’s Mild will be available through the ‘CAMRA Mild Month of May 2017’ and at TUCKERS MALTING BEER FESTIVAL 20-22 April.  Martha’s in your local public house in May and bottles at our door!


Meeting MP Mel Stride

Left to right, John Lawton (Brewer), Mel Stride MP for Central Devon, Ivan Bridle (landlord of Palk Arms) and Gordon Keep (local farmer)

The effort made by the intrepid three local Devon personalities to see their Member Of Parliament Mel Stride to protest about the rises in beer duty during the previous Labour Government. We visited the back bench debate shortly before which took place in a side chamber. Mel gave us a tour of the Houses of Parliament which included a visit to the main chamber as well. Much was discussed that day along with some site seeing too. The result was two more drops in beer duty rates over the next two Budgets. The Palk Arms at Hennock run by Ivan and his partner Jane has flourished too, a good result since the pub had been facing closure until they took over in April 2012.

Mel Stride has also conducted some of his constituency surgeries at the Palk Arms. The Palk is a ideal place to try Teignworthy Brews. If you wish to visit the pub it is in Church Street in Hennock post code TQ13 9QB
Cheers John


Installation of our new gin still… now underway

John Lawton has designed his very own gin still, using copper piping supplied by Lawton tubing.


World Beer Award

We are so excited to announce that we have won  a BRONZE award in the World Beer Awards held in London in August 2015 for the United Kingdom in the Imperial Stout & Porter category.

The story of our Russian Imperial Porter and our Imperial Russian Porter all started after a trip to the distilleries of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland. We already produced the IRP 10.5%  – a Baltic Porter style beer, who’s origins were steeped in ales shipped to Russia during the 18th & 19th centuries.   This is a Vintage Brew, extra rich, dry, liquorice flavour and wonderfully mellow, very dark, gentle roasted and with a warming velvet finish. But we gave it a twist, storing it in the barrels of our favourite distillery of Islay, Bruichladdich!!!

This superior porter became like no other, and became Russian Imperial Porter- R.I.P 13%!!! It took 4 months of storage in which the process gave the brew extra flavours, including peated whisky and the influence of the wood cask and all the flavours therein!  All the ingredients are sourced in Britian, the brewery  called it R.I.P, I wonder why!


New Mild 2015

BLACK DOG MILD 3.7% – A new idea for this year – a low gravity Traditional Dark Mild, reminiscent of times gone by, we wondered how this would go and we’re glad to say it has gone extremely well indeed!  Although a lower percentage it still has that “Teignworthy” flavour – well worth a try!


Meet and Greet

Good local ale was the order of the day when a government minister and local MP visited the Brewery at the beginning of January ’15. Business minister Matthew Hancock and local MP Anne Marie Morris was shown the froth and substance of beer making during their visit. John was able to lobby the parliamentary VIP on a range of relevant topics from the reduction of VAT for small business to employment and National Insurance matter. They seemed quite receptive to the issues raised, said John. They liked the beer very much and small buffet – a pint of Sea Dog, adding that Mr Hancock was not driving.

John is looking forward to the General Election, hoping to provoke another drop in beer duty. Ivan and Jane from The Palk Arms were invited to discuss the plight of our local village pub!!! Supplied by Teignworthy Brewery the pub is run on a tenancy basis, rent must be paid. Ivan runs a local plumbing and heating business along side the pub, Jane works now full time in the pub. This is becoming more apparent, where one partner must go out to work on top of running a public house! The pub is VAT registered, so this is collected as well. If the pub is not supported it will close, this has happened before and reflects many public houses in this country. Rate relief needs to be maintained on small businesses.

What we need to happen

VAT needs to be cut by 7.5% in the hospitality industry as in France. Along with this supermarkets need a minimum pricing for sensible drinking in licensed premises. Supermarkets and convenience stores should not sell alcohol after 7pm.

Myself, my staff and our visitors had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Pictured with MP Matthew Hancock and MP Anne Marie Morris (front are, from left, Heather, John Lawton, John Hole, Ivan Bridle (landlord of the Palk Arms), son and father Brett and Chris Robins and Jane Brandon (Palk Arms Landlady).


Imperial Russian Porter

ABV 10% Imperial Russian Porter – A superior Porter.

Re-creation of the Baltic porter style that was Shipped to Russia during the 18th and 19th centuries. A Vintage brew, extra rich, dry liquorice, but wonderfully mellow, very dark, gentle roasted with warming finish. Taste sweetish and deep and smooth after taste.


New Year Ale

Dark with explosion of Rich fruit flavours, fairly hoppy!

A new beer from us this year, with a Scottish theme, due to John’s love of Scotland and Burns Night.
We felt it an appropriate idea! This will be available 2 weeks before Christmas and thoughout January.


Meeting Mr Osborne at the Treasury

John decided that enough was enough and the Beer Duty Escalator in the 2013 Budget had to go!

So off to the House of Commons he went, meeting his local MP Mel Stride and posting a message to George Osbourne in a wooden barrel! John met 60 other MP’s that day with the same feeling “Scrap the Escalator!!!”

After meeting with the Teignbridge MP Anne Marie Morris several days later, she suggested a back bench debate happening the following Tuesday on the very subject.

This time John thought, lets go mob handed!!! Ivan Bridle Landlord of the Palk Arms in Hennock and Gordon Keep, a local farmer from near Mortenhampstead also attended ‘The Boys of Dartmoor came to town running down from the hills’. After several beers and fun the night before they visited the debate. Sadly John and Ivan were the ‘true’ tradespeople there watching. However there was an MP who had worked in the trade from the Midlands and a MP from the brewing capital Burton-upon-Trent. Mr Osbourne’s right-hand man from the Treasury took a right grilling that morning and a week later we were all celebrating a sweet victory on announcement that the Escalator was been scrapped! Even a reduction in duty of 1p/penny a pint!

A few weeks later Cabinet Minister Vince Cable visited Newton Abbot, John was invited to talk to him along with other business owners and that was worthwhile. John mentioned that the idea of minimum pricing had been dropped recently by the Coalition thus helping supermarkets to keep low pricing on alcohol. Mr Cable replied it was a shock to him when announced and blamed senior Tories for the ‘U’ turn at the last moment. Nothing new then thought John, sadly! Governing Parties seem to like supermarkets?



Teignworthy brewery is 20 years old

Teignworthy celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary on 24 June 2014, time has slipped away since John first brewed the first pint of Reel Ale with Rachel his wife setting up the company. He has acheived 32 different awards for his ales. The most noted one came in the summer of 2011 in London. This was at the Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court organised by CAMRA, Silver Medal in the Bitter Class for Reel Ale! He says “we have won many awards at Tuckers Maltings Beer Festival too with brews like the Russian Imperial Porter, Amy’s Ale and Beachcomber.” (see below).

The Brewery keeps to strong traditions of using local ingredients, malts, hops, yeast and water – that is all! It is run as a family business with Heather Dade and Chris Robins. I expect many of you have met the friendly Boys who also work along side.

Teignworthy has strong links with the local pubs and clubs in the surrounding area and has campaigned avidly to cut Duty rates (see above). John does his best to help keep young people employed in the industry, keeping duty low helps this aim.! Some 7000 youngsters are employed in this industry.