The Brewery

The Best Beer comes from Local ingredients from local businesses

Teignworthy believes in traditional values and traditional beer-making methods. By sourcing local ingredients from local businesses, we use fewer food miles and support the local economy. It's a win-win, and the best beer comes from sticking to our traditional values.


Life of our casks is 8 weeks, unopened.

Brewing of Ale

Brewing of Ale takes place most days during the week and uses entirely traditional methods. The brewery is based on a ‘Tower’ principle as used in the Victorian era. This means that the malt is infused with hot liquor to make malt extract, this is in turn boiled with traditional English hops.

Hopped Malt Extract

These processes take place on the 2nd and 3rd floors, the hopped malt extract then passes to the 1st floor where it is cooled rapidly with a heat exchanger to a temperature of 16ºC, and then placed in an open fermenting square. Yeast is added and for the following three days the yeast ferments the ale, during which a large foaming canopy rests over the ale. The yeast mixes with the air and gives unique flavours only found in our ales. Most of the yeast rises to the top of the square and is skimmed off at the end of the fermentation. This enables us to keep our yeast supply going.

Ready for Drinking

The ale is then cooled for a week where the casks are steamed. They are then rolled gently into the cellars and kept for one week at 12ºC. Finally, just before the barrels of ale are lifted onto the dray, small quantities of finings are added to clarify the ale and help the ale clear quickly when stored in the cellars of your local pub!