Cask Ales – All year round

Neap Tide 3.8%

A good, tasty, fruity bitter. Tastes more than percentage depicts. At a fantastic price!

Reel Ale 4%

This is our popular session beer at 4%. It has a clean, quenching taste and smooth finish. It is made with traditional floor-malted barley and a blend of English hops.

Spring Tide 4.3%

This is a copper coloured ale with sweeter overtones. It has a traditional best bitter strength, offering the drinker a well balanced and smooth pint.

Gun Dog 4.3%

This is a light bronze coloured ale, full of Golding Hops, which gives it a flower/fruity aromatic finish. The ale is brewed due to the head brewer’s love of shooting and his dogs that frequent the office, who are Taff and Tarka!

Old Moggie 4.4%

This is a lovely golden ale with a good, hoppy, citrus taste. GOLD WINNER – FALMOUTH OCT 2012 BEER FESTIVAL.

Beachcomber 4.5%

This beer is light in colour, with a refreshing citrus taste. It has won Premium Ale Class at the Maltings Beer Festival.