Bottled Ales

Reel Ale 4%

This is our popular session beer at 4%. It has a clean, quenching taste and smooth finish. It is made with traditional floor-malted barley and a blend of English hops.

Spring Tide 4.3%

This is a copper coloured ale with sweeter overtones. It has a traditional best bitter strength, offering the drinker a well balanced and smooth pint.

Gun Dog 4.3%

This is a light bronze coloured ale, full of Golding Hops, which gives it a flower/fruity aromatic finish. The ale is brewed due to the head brewer’s love of shooting and his dogs that frequent the office, who are Taff and Tarka!

Old Moggie 4.4%

This is a lovely golden ale with a good, hoppy, citrus taste. GOLD WINNER – FALMOUTH OCT 2012 BEER FESTIVAL.

Beachcomber 4.5%

This beer is light in colour, with a refreshing citrus taste. It has won Premium Ale Class at the Maltings Beer Festival.

Martha’s Mild 5.3%

This sweet, dark, ruby red mild, with a biscuit background was produced to wet John and Rachel’s third daughter’s head! ALMOST IDENTICAL TO “SARAH HUGHES DARK RED RUBY” which is extremely hard to track down.

Christmas Cracker 6%

This is our seasonal winter warmer – smooth and rich and is becoming sought after both in and out of the festive season.

Cor Bugga 6.2%

Another interesting ale from Teignworthy to blow away the winter blues! With a warming touch of Port and a mahogany/rosy hue, it’ll warm the cockles of your heart!

R.I.P. 13%

This beer has been brewed to a strength which makes it superior to other Porters! Slightly peated whisky aroma, which is more evident at room temperature! Extra rich, dry liquorice and spirit overtones and surprisingly refreshing with very smooth velvet after taste!