Meet and Greet

Good local ale was the order of the day when a government minister and local MP visited the Brewery at the beginning of January ’15. Business minister Matthew Hancock and local MP Anne Marie Morris was shown the froth and substance of beer making during their visit. John was able to lobby the parliamentary VIP on a range of relevant topics from the reduction of VAT for small business to employment and National Insurance matter. They seemed quite receptive to the issues raised, said John. They liked the beer very much and small buffet – a pint of Sea Dog, adding that Mr Hancock was not driving.

John is looking forward to the General Election, hoping to provoke another drop in beer duty. Ivan and Jane from The Palk Arms were invited to discuss the plight of our local village pub!!! Supplied by Teignworthy Brewery the pub is run on a tenancy basis, rent must be paid. Ivan runs a local plumbing and heating business along side the pub, Jane works now full time in the pub. This is becoming more apparent, where one partner must go out to work on top of running a public house! The pub is VAT registered, so this is collected as well. If the pub is not supported it will close, this has happened before and reflects many public houses in this country. Rate relief needs to be maintained on small businesses.

What we need to happen

VAT needs to be cut by 7.5% in the hospitality industry as in France. Along with this supermarkets need a minimum pricing for sensible drinking in licensed premises. Supermarkets and convenience stores should not sell alcohol after 7pm.

Myself, my staff and our visitors had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Pictured with MP Matthew Hancock and MP Anne Marie Morris (front are, from left, Heather, John Lawton, John Hole, Ivan Bridle (landlord of the Palk Arms), son and father Brett and Chris Robins and Jane Brandon (Palk Arms Landlady).

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