Meeting Mr Osborne at the Treasury

John decided that enough was enough and the Beer Duty Escalator in the 2013 Budget had to go!

So off to the House of Commons he went, meeting his local MP Mel Stride and posting a message to George Osbourne in a wooden barrel! John met 60 other MP’s that day with the same feeling “Scrap the Escalator!!!”

After meeting with the Teignbridge MP Anne Marie Morris several days later, she suggested a back bench debate happening the following Tuesday on the very subject.

This time John thought, lets go mob handed!!! Ivan Bridle Landlord of the Palk Arms in Hennock and Gordon Keep, a local farmer from near Mortenhampstead also attended ‘The Boys of Dartmoor came to town running down from the hills’. After several beers and fun the night before they visited the debate. Sadly John and Ivan were the ‘true’ tradespeople there watching. However there was an MP who had worked in the trade from the Midlands and a MP from the brewing capital Burton-upon-Trent. Mr Osbourne’s right-hand man from the Treasury took a right grilling that morning and a week later we were all celebrating a sweet victory on announcement that the Escalator was been scrapped! Even a reduction in duty of 1p/penny a pint!

A few weeks later Cabinet Minister Vince Cable visited Newton Abbot, John was invited to talk to him along with other business owners and that was worthwhile. John mentioned that the idea of minimum pricing had been dropped recently by the Coalition thus helping supermarkets to keep low pricing on alcohol. Mr Cable replied it was a shock to him when announced and blamed senior Tories for the ‘U’ turn at the last moment. Nothing new then thought John, sadly! Governing Parties seem to like supermarkets?


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